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NYC attorney Peter Cedeno sued by ex-client over complaints of sexual assault

A New York woman is suing her former divorce lawyer for sexual assault wants a list of his sex partners…

By PressGrabber , in News , at February 2, 2021

A New York woman is suing her former divorce lawyer for sexual assault wants a list of his sex partners for the last ten years. Atesa Pacelli, the victim, has cited the 2005 case against Bill Cosby in which the plaintiff made comparable demands.

The comedian Bill Cosby was told by the court to give details of the individuals he had sexual encounters with, going as far back as five years from the alleged sexual assault. Comparable claims have been mentioned in the court papers submitted against Peter Cedeno.

Andrea Constand had charged Bill Cosby in 2005 over an alleged attack that occurred in 2004. Finally, in 2016 the federal court had instructed Cosby to come forward with the information of his extra-marital relationships. Although, it is unclear if Cosby ever abided with that order.

Constand and Cosby had reached a settlement in 2006, the details of which were kept private. However, Constand was later included in other cases against Cosby and helped prosecutors bring criminal charges against Cosby. That lawsuit ended with a mistrial in June 2017.

Allegations against Peter L. Cedeno

In the meantime, Pacelli is hoping the decade-old Cosby judgment will help her lawsuit against her former divorce lawyer, Peter Cedeno. She claims he forced her into sex during her split from her husband.

She believes this is not the first time Peter Cedeno abused his position of power to take advantage of emotionally weak clients and is hoping the facts of his extra-marital relationships will help deliver justice for others.

Pacelli mentions in the court papers that her demand for her lawyer’s sexual history is a justifiable one and merely a way to discover proof of similar attacks from his past.

Pacelli believes that Cedeno had in the past “used his role as an attorney to pursue sexual relationships” including one with another client’s wife between 2010 and 2012.

Cedeno, who runs Cedeno Law Group in NYC, asserted in the court that inquiry into his love life is not relevant to the lawsuit.

He is also countersuing for defamation.


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